Blog Update

If you’ve found me here and am wondering what an untouched blog this appears to be, you’re rightfully correct! I’m currently trying to hammer out a lot of personal things (especially school) and will attempt to get back editing all of my information asap. 

Thanks for hanging tight and for checking out my page! 

-Joseph “Joey” Pawlik 


Move in, Move out

Few of my thoughts after reading the article about tech migration from Both Sides of the Table.

Conglomeration of tech companies/start-ups in urban centers are attracting young creatives. Typically most will get married, have kids, want a little more space, backyards, etc. If they work for the same companies, will they tend to live in the same communities as they did when they were single or a DINK (dual income, no kids) couple? How will the needs affected by their aging contribute to change in infrastructure, policy change, legislation, public transportation, etc. Will more start-ups, single man firms, or internet commuting take place as they may move away from these opportunities or will they ditch most sustainable practices from the past and take up a car for the commute to work?

More thoughts could go towards this trend, but this is something to think about. Try and predict the next move.


Please bear with me as I continue to construct this new blog. Posts will appear very soon, I promise!

Thanks & Gig ’em!